Important Information

Balance, grace, agility and discipline. Classical Ballet is the essential part of every dancer’s repertoire. Instruction is according to RAD. Pointe classes are available by selection. 


Miss Andrea is proud to be a member.of the Royal Academy of Dance  (RAD) , one of the world's most influential dance education  organizations. The RAD has a presence in 79 countries and 14,000 members  worldwide. You can find out more about the RAD at

Miss Andrea is also a member of The International Association for Dance  Medicine and Science  (iadms) and Canadian Dance Adjudicators 

My goal has always been to nurture the creativity of each individual  while working within the framework provided by the RAD,  and with an  awareness of current trends and developments in dance education.

Studio Uniform

in an effort to ensure all students are focused and prepared for class,  we ask our students to abide by the school uniform, It varies by grade  and is listed below:

Pre Ballet, Pre Primary, and Primary:  

Female: Short sleeved leotard pink, white socks, pink ballet shoes -  leather
Male: white t-shirt,  Navy or black  shorts Polycotton / lycra White or black shoes- canvas or leather, White or Black socks.

Grades 1-5:  Female: Sleeveless leotard in navy with matching elasticated belt. 
               Pink soft ballet shoes in leather, with pink  elastic.  
               Soft pink convertible tights.
 Male:  White short sleeved leotard or well-fitted  t-shirt with navy shorts  
           Navy stirrup tights may be worn instead of shorts
           White ballet shoes in canvas or leather, with white elastic 
Short white socks.

Grades 6-8: Female: Any classic style of leotard in matte fabric in any colour,
​                                           but in particular the following are recommended: black, navy blue, royal blue, 
             lavender, red, burgundy or mulberry . (Black leotards, in a matching style
            will be worn for exams but any of the above colours may be worn to class.)
            Light Pink coloured, convertible tights
​                                          Pink leather shoes with matching  elastic  split sole shoes are allowed.

​                        Male: Short sleeved or sleeveless white matte fabric leotard or well-fitting white t-shirt
       Navy stirrup tights
       White ballet shoes in canvas or leather with white elastic 
        Short white socks 

Intermediate Foundation to Advanced: Female:  Sleeveless leotard – black, royal blue,  or purple
waistband 2cm elastic, the same colour as leotard 
Tights – pale pink
Soft pointe shoes– pink coloured with ribbons 
 Pointe shoes, pink coloured with ribbons 
   Male: white leotard or a short sleeved white t-shirt worn inside tights  
Tights – black or navy blue  
White socks worn over the tights 
Black or white shoes with white elastic (split sole shoes are permitted)

 In order to ensure the health and safety and fair assessment of all  dancers, and in accordance with convention, the following guidelines for  personal presentation are given:

• all uniform should be clean and well fitting, and underwear should not  be visible • elastic or ribbons should be firmly sewn on shoes in the  correct position and securely fastened before entering the studio • hair  should be neatly and appropriately styled  off the face and neck in order that the line of the head and neck is  not obscured • spectacles may be worn • jewellery should not be worn,  •  where used, make-up and nail varnish should be light and kept to a  minimum.

Demi Pointe

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